Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Throw it together meal

I started by boiling 1/2 a box of macaroni noodles. While that was boiling, fry chicken (desired amount) in skillet. I added some Oregano to my chicken to cook in some flavor. While that is frying..

 Cut up some tomatoes (desired amount) and shake some Oregano, Parsley and Basil onto the tomatoes to soak in the flavor. Now it is time to stir the tomatoes,
 the Philadelphia cooking creme ~ Tomato and Basil flavor,
 your cooked macaroni noodles,
 stir all together in the skillet.
 Once it is completely stirred together,
I added some cheese and then stirred that all together. Now it is ready to eat!!! And let me say, it was pretty yummy :) It was literally a throw together meal. I used the extra tomatoes we had and last of our cheese.

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