Monday, June 25, 2012

The start of my little garden!




4 bags of potting soil? CHECK!
1 bag of manure? CHECK!
fencing/screen? CHECK!
Tomato and tomato wire holder? CHECK!
Peppers? CHECK!
Peas, Green Beans and Cucumbers? CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK!
Plant food? CHECK!
Gardening tools? CHECK!

PHEW! My Garden is coming along! I'm hoping to begin the planting of at least the seeds in the next few days! Won't officially plant the two pre-grown veggies until my fence can be put up. I'm getting so excited about this! I just hope it doesn't turn to be a failure. I have so many big plans for this! Maybe too many plans...If I could have my wish.. I'd just stay home for ever and garden and bake! haha seriously though.
Stay tuned during this week! I'll have pics up ASAP when its done!

Next steps include: preparing the kiddie pool garden, planting seeds, then putting up a fence, planting pre-grown plants THEN I'll begin making the little garden area all pretty with flowers!

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  1. If you are going to plant flowers in your garden you want marigolds. They are a natural insect repellant for the bugs that will munch on your veggies. =) Love You- Aunt Kelly