Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghost Face Pumkin

I gave my dad the idea to carve this year's pumpkin
as Ghost Face from Scream.
I think it turned out rather well...

Funnel Cake

I absolutely love funnel cake! And I really don't care how many calories is in it..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tazo Chai Tea

This is the exact stuff that Starbucks makes their 'Tazo Chai Tea Latte's' out of.
So when I got a $1 off coupon, I just had to buy some. This stuff is really good.
I love tea and I love the spices.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My "stash"...


End of Story.

Milk Tea

So I have been wanting to get a glass jar to store my milk tea or Masala tea leaves.
I found this glass jar at a yard sale for only .50!!

I was so happy when I saw this. It is kinda funny because the indention's are fruit but it serves the purpose that I wanted.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One, Two, Three awesome things...

This moment could not have been better.

Well I take it back. If I were sitting in a log cabin in front of a fireplace with my coffee and good book, then yes, that would be like perfect. Oh and during the dead of winter.
Plus, my favorite candy bar although this one didn't taste as good as they normally do.

The book, "Midnight Rider for the Morning Star" is about the legendary Francis Asbury, missionary to the pioneers of America during its early days.

It is an amazing story and very inspiring. Once this is finished, I have to write a short essay. Then I will start on my blogging for books book :)


My 'babies'

My two pets,

Leo the Hamster


Genesis the Cat.

I love them both and I will miss them dearly when I go to college :(


So with the limited Henna I have left from my trip to Nepal, I did some the other night. Now it is orange.

I love

It is so much fun.

I have yet to find more.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Two of my favorite things

Well, first off, besides loving Starbucks, I found a new drink I love and that reminds me of Nepal.
It is called Tazo Chai Tea Latte and it is so yummy. It is a spicy tea latte and I love it.

Second, I finally own 'The Young Victoria' which I think is my favorite movie. I love it and I recommend it. It is a very well made movie and it is clean..a rare thing to see these days. I love it so much I really just can't stop telling you how much I love it.
So there you go, two of my favorite things :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Trying something new..

Once I read this book , I will be an official blogger for books! Well, after I read it I will have to blog about it!

I'm so excited to try this.

And it was all free!

A $19 book for free :) so cool!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Best way to cure a sore throat?
A Java Chip Frappachino from Starbucks :)

Oh yes...so yummy!!

What stinks is that I only had $4.50 in change with me and I asked the lady how much a Grande would be with tax and guess what the total was!

$4.55!! Grr! I was very sad I couldn't get a grande so I got a regular tall...

:( So sad..
Oh well.. I still got one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Sunflower!

So I found this sunflower at Publix for $2.00!!!

So I bought her. She is a bit withered but I am hoping I can bring her back to full health.

If not, I will try again next year after winter.

I love sunflowers.

I have named her Sunshine..

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I took Sam to a birthday party and all the kids got the chance to ride a horse.

So I jumped on the offer...literally.

I feel quite proud that I was able to get on the horse all by myself (except for the man holding the stirrup).

I love horses and would really really like to learn how to ride them for real someday.

I had a wonderful time.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I love the smell of

And lucky me, I have a bush of it.

Just thought I would share one of my favorite smells.

My Best Friend

Megan Rose

Is so wonderful that she stopped by after school today to come visit with me and bring me and my brother some Zaxby's chicken sandwiches which by the way, were amazing!

She is my best friend and the sister I never had.

I would not have been able to survive the years of school without her. She is encouraging and thoughtful and is always there when I need her.

She is my best friend for life...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Master of Suspense

at least in my eyes, he is.

Here he is, my favorite author of all time, the author of more books than I can count (well I could if I looked up the list)...

The one...
The only...

Ted Dekker!

Yes, I got to meet him in April 2011. It was amazing. To finally meet my hero and inspiration.

Favorite Dessert


I absolutely love this stuff!

So yummy!

I think this was my birthday dessert.

One For One


My favorite shoe brand of all time. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they are for a great cause.
When you buy a pair of TOMS, another pair is sent to a child in another country that is in need of shoes.
They might be expensive but you aren't just buy shoes for yourself. You are buying shoes for another child.
I loved my TOMS. Yes, past tense, for they are no longer able to be worn. Apparently, wearing them for a couple months straight, trekking through the streets of Nepal, and through mini rivers doesn't bode well for these shoes. Oh well. I got many days use out of them...MANY. And they were faithful to me until the end.

RIP my first pair of TOMS. You will never be forgotten because you are not resting in my Nepal Box :)

I'm hoping to by my second pair soon. This time I am going for black because I need more black shoes.


"Back to Nature"

How more 'green' can one go when using these natural bark colored pencils?

I bought these for a dear friend of mine for Christmas.

She loved them.

I bought them from http://www.modcloth.com/

It is a wonderful site that you should check out :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cake decor

Calvin and Susie from "Calvin and Hobbes".

I drew them on my parents 19th wedding anniversary cake.

They always had a thing about calling each other Calvin and Susie so I thought it would be a cute idea.

They loved it.

White Water Rafting~

But not just anywhere...


Oh yea, that's right. I went white water rafting in Nepal, and did not fall out! Although I did fall into the back of the raft on top of my friend. It took a lot to get off of her and back to my seat and when I got back to my seat, I realized I had let go of my oar when I fell into the back. Luckily someone found it and I was able to resume my post. haha
It was so much fun. I had the best time doing that and I want to go and white water raft somewhere else!

A cup of Milk Tea!

Ever wondered what the best drink ever was?

Well I found it in Nepal.

Milk Tea!

Made with Buffalo milk (and yes, I can taste the difference!) and Masala Tea for a rich, wonderful combination.

I bought so much tea before I left. I just had to bring home the delicious taste.

I miss authentic milk tea :(

Duck tape? Duct tape?


haha it is just so fun to play with and make things out of. Not to mention, a colorful way of fixing things...

Coffee and a book.

Although this was a staged photo, it is still near and dear to my heart.
Coffee is one of my favorite drinks. I love it.
Cold or Hot, I will drink it.
And this is my favorite coffee cup, given to me by my grandma last Christmas.
After forever, I am finally getting back into reading my favorite author, Ted Dekker.
I am re-reading one of his trilogies ~ Showdown, Saint and Sinner. I am re reading the first two because I need to remember what they say so I can understand what Sinner is all about.
So excited!