Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIY bird seed feeder!

            Found this yet again on Pinterest a while ago so I began to save the toilet paper rolls and  paper towel rolls for about a month or two. Today, even during GA's 103+ degrees F (We are in a code RED) , I decided to finally do a couple.
So, I got out :

3 toilet paper rolls
creamy peanut butter 
a paper plate, 
a knife, 
and our huge thing of birdseed.
 I spread the peanut butter over the rolls and then rolled the rolls in the bird seed. 
Since it is so stinking hot out, I figured I didn't have to let it dry or harden since it was hot enough outside that the head would harden ( ahem... bake) it on its own.

And here it is, the finished cute little bird feeder. Just slid it onto some branches! 

P.S. One thing I have found out that when it rains, the rain completely washes all the bird seed and peanut butter off.

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1 comment:

  1. They look really cute on the in perfectly. Now maybe when it is cooler, the birds will have at it. Wondering how the squirrels might react too.