Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pizzelle Maker and Battle wounds from the garden!!


Birthday present from the greatest grandparents :) I sure can't wait to start making "Nana Cookies" !!!! I'm already drooling...
Wow you can really see my scar next to my eye on the right side of the picture.. 

So, I'm not typing as much because I did this to my finger this morning! 
While cutting drainage holes in my 2 new kiddie pools for the garden, right towards the end, I did this. Don't worry, all cleaned out now. It just kinda hurts still.... First time I ever cut myself with a knife.. yeow...


  1. Nice! I love making pizzelles. Everyone always oooohs and ahhhs over them :)
    Ummmm... birthday? Wow, better late than never right? Or is that SUPER early?

    1. I'll have to make some for the 4th :)
      It's late. They have had a hard time finding out which one to get and how to get it to me. :)