Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look how much they grew!

 My family and I took a road trip up to NY last Friday and just returned today. A neighbor was able to take care of my garden and my cat while I was gone and look how much my garden has grown in just under a week! 

So now that I am home, I have soo many recipes that I want to try so stay tuned to what I have in mind!
 Peas have really grown!
But my poor Marigolds are dying.. anyone know if they can be revived?
Also, anyone know any other kind of good flowers for gardens? I have lots more cinder blocks that need to be filled! I'm thinking of planting some herbs in them.. not sure yet.

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  1. Hey Beka- your marigolds aren't dying. You need to break off the dead flowers every time one is done blooming. This is called "dead heading" and many annuals need this in order to keep blooming. You're doing a great job! Aunt Kelly

  2. Just about to say the same exact thing as Kelly. It looks fabulous!
    I can't believe how fast your veggies are growing! I hope to finally get a garden going next year..or maybe start this fall with winter veggies. But what I REALLLLLLy want is chickens... and a goat to eat all of the underbrush in the forest.