Monday, July 16, 2012

Hand squeezed orange juice

This past week I found on the clearance rack at Publix, a juicer that was only like $2. So I grabbed it. Then the other day I bought 2 oranges from Kroger which caused a big mess because the cashier accidentally rang me up for 21 oranges. When I pointed it out to her, she fixed it on the screen but when I got home (luckily only 5 minutes down the road) I realized that it wasn't fixed on the receipt and I still paid for all 21 oranges.So I had to go back to Kroger and get it fixed.... oy. (Not to mention that the bagger bounced my kiwi up the conveyor belt back to the cashier because she forgot to ring it up. There I was, watching my kiwi bounce up the belt...can you say rude? Was it too hard to just hand her my kiwi? )

Anyway, so this morning I decided to make some real orange juice (first time) and it went rather well. No big messes or anything. Can't say that I like this more than store bought. Orange juice is like my favorite so store bought is the best. In my opinion :) But this juice was cool :)

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