Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Growing garden makes for a happy Gardener :)

Tomato plant is producing many tomatoes! Now I just have to wait until they turn red :)

Garlic sprouted!

Cilantro sprouted!

My poor little peas just waiting for me to put a system in order for them to grow up the right way! Trust me, this will happen asap! Hopefully tomorrow!

My wonderful, tall cucumbers also in need of the system to allow them to grow upwards... tomorrow my little cukes!

Cucumbers are attacking my peas.. haha

Cucumbers :)

My garden beans! 

These garden beans will be ready in just a few weeks!

Tomorrow I am hoping my order is ready at Lowes to pick up some fence posts which I'll then place around my garden and tie rope up the sides and across through the veggies to help them grow.. I hope it works. I think it will :)

I'm hoping my mom buys some celery soon so I can plant the stalk and grow some celery too. And someday, I'll buy a pineapple and plant its stalk/base too. But that is sometime when we are in a more stable home (at least 2 years).

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