Thursday, September 6, 2012

Harvest time!

 One of only two cucumbers I found when I went through the plants. So sad :(
 Some beans didn't make it either but most did and were tastily enjoyed!
 Dead cucumber plant. It was like rubber or something. It swayed too much and was very much dead.

 The second cucumber I found. It grew more than the first but still died. Something got inside of it and pushed cucumber flesh out. Very sad.
 Empty garden where my cucumbers were...

 All of my dead cucumber plants.
My healthy first harvest of green beans! They were very yummy! That night, my dinner consisted of green beans and cake. haha. I was very happy with my green beans!  Can't wait to do them again!
My peas will be harvested within the next couple days. My tomato plant is still giving me tomatoes and the garlic is growing well :)

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