Friday, June 14, 2013

Cold Brewed Coffee

Great for iced coffee!

The recipe I used called for a whole cup of coffee grinds for a quart sized mason jar. I tried again using 1/2 cup (both times added more water after I took the grinds out). I think a whole cup was too much but 1/2 cup wasn't enough.
So, whatever your preference, do it!
Put the grinds in the bottom of a quart sized mason jar, add water. Mix with a fork until all grounds are mixed well with the water. Seal jar up and place in fridge for 8-12 hours, over night.

Then in the morning, when you are ready and have time, this is how I took the grinds out.

I used cheese cloth, placed over a funnel over a large cup. Then I poured the coffee grind/water into it.

Then you have your cold brewed coffee! Stays good for up to a month!

Fill cup with ice, add coffee.

Then add sugar and creamer (if you so desire)

Stir together and enjoy some yummy coffee!!!

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